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a few words about me "Stabil"

When I was 27 - late bloomer;) - I discovered MMA for myself. In order to keep fit I started boxing in the "Dimas Gym" in Nördlingen. I did sparring fights there again and again, which I still benefit from today. When I attended on a Age Of Cage MMA event, I got a taste for it. The first fight was like jumping into the cold water for me. It was just trying out how it is. The fight in Stuttgart was then unfortunately rated no contest. Many friends from Bopfingen, but also friends from Stuttgart and Kaiserslautern supported me and the atmosphere was just fantastic.

For my second fight, I switched directly to the semi-pro camp. In Nordlingen I prepared for this fight again. This time a first fan bus was already driving from the Ostalb to Stuttgart. The fight was bumpy at the beginning, but in the middle of the second round I got my opponent to task.

After this fight I started to train even more intensely. In addition to my units in Nördlingen, I've been training in the "Kongs Gym" in Stuttgart since then. Since then, not only boxing, but also kickboxing, judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu have been on the program. In March 2018 my path led me to Mumbai in India. I should actually be there as a supervisor for Sascha Sharma. But then everything turned out differently and I found myself in the Super Fight League in the octagon. A six-week tournament with eight teams. The sport is so popular in there that all fights were broadcast live. In the six weeks, 200 million viewers saw the events in which I won with my team in the final. Afterwards I could fight 3 more fights in 2018. WeLoveMMA in Ludwigshafen, GMC in Ulm and finally WeLoveMMA in Berlin.

I love this sport and I am grateful for the family, sponsors, friends and acquaintances who have accompanied and supported me on my path so far and in the future or who will stand by my side in the future.

Chris "STABIL" Jungwirth

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"If my mind can conceive it,
and my heart can believe it,
then I can achieve it."
My balance sheet

  • 12


    10 Fights Pro Results
    2 Fights Amateur Results

  • 9


    2 Loses
    1 No Contest

  • 7


    M-1 Global / Fight Nights Global
    GMC / WeLoveMMA / Aggrelin
    SFL Indien / Age of Cage

  • 1460h

    Training each year

    Dimas Box Gym Nördlingen
    Kongs Gym Stuttgart

"Today fighter, tomorrow winner.
Pain passes,
Pride stays forever. "
My fights

Fight Nights Global St. Petersburg

21 DEC `19

Fight Nights Global St. Petersburg

C. Jungwirth vs V. Tjurin

gmc oberhausen019

09 NOV `19

GMC 23 Championship Oberhausen

C. Jungwirth vs Kartal

gmc muenchen2019

03 AUG `19

M-1 Challenge 103 Shenzen

C. Jungwirth vs Andreas Stahl

gmc muenchen2019

23 MAR `19

GMC 19 Championship München

C. Jungwirth vs Zadruzynski


08 DEC `18

WeLoveMMA 44 Berlin

C. Jungwirth vs. E. Hosseinpour


30 JUNE `18

GMC 15 Championship Ulm

C. Jungwirth vs. D. Depannemaecker


07 APR `18

WeLoveMMA 39 Ludwigshafen

C. Jungwirth vs. M. Sabiullah


17 MAR `18

SFL 2018 Grand Finale Indien

C. Jungwirth vs. A. Rana


04 NOV `17

Aggrelin 21 Rosenheim

C. Jungwirth vs. C. Lochner


30 JULY `17

Age of Cage 11 Stuttgart

C. Jungwirth vs. C. Kalb


05 FEB `17

Age of Cage 10 Stuttgart

C. Jungwirth vs. R. Dias


17 JULY `16

Age of Cage 8 Stuttgart

C. Jungwirth vs. M. Sobul


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